Where can I go to improve the SEO of my website?

I have created a website for my company and I don’t know how I will show it in my Google search. My friends are suggesting me to read articles, but it is all confusing. Somebody help me. I am even willing it to give to a company if needed. Thank you.

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Search Engine Optimization requires a dedicated and consistent effort to master. If you don’t have an in-house team which specialises in SEO and other digital marketing aspects, it is best to outsource the marketing requirements to a highly capable digital marketing company in India.  You have to be extremely careful in choosing the right company and must take the following aspects into mind before making the decision:

  1. Look for lead generation over creativity: Many companies focus on generating hype and making funny and viral posts. This may lead to many followers on social media but rarely converts into a valuable source of business. For an SEO company in India, focus on finding a company which produces content with extensive keyword research and which would make your website into a lead generation machine.
  2. Their experience level: This is obvious, the companies which have a greater number of satisfied customers are probably going to make you happy too.
  3. Companies focus on Local SEO: Most of the searches regarding purchases has been done locally. It’s probably better to hire a company which focuses on local SEO, better yet look for an SEO company in Bangalore itself as they would have better focus and knowledge about your city.
  4. Look for Boutique agencies: Since your company is a startup, it is better to look for a boutique digital marketing agency which provides greater focus to your need as compared to a larger agency.
Answered on October 25, 2018.
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