What is the best resource for learning AWS

What is the best resource for learning AWS?

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Hello Wondering Wanderer,

Clearly, your curiosity had lead you on this quest for finding things out yourself to become an AWS ninja.


It’s good that you are wandering, as “play is the truest form of research”.

Let’s wander together and help each other find answers.

Educate yourself, empower yourself, change your life, change the world.

Throwing your money won’t get you anywhere. I suggest you to not waste your time and energy doing that.

As you know, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading public Cloud Service Provider and for most of the part, the source of innovation in the cloud.

Despite the sharp growth rate of tech giants such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Engine, and Rackspace, AWS has established itself as the champ in cloud platform today.

Going by the current tech trends, especially in the US and Canada, AWS certified professionals make significantly more money than the non certified counterparts.

The market, in today’s world, is in need for skilled cloud engineers, developers, and architects. Considering that the current shortage of experts is expected to continue in the future too, it’s time for AWS to bloom and boom!

AWS certifications stand out for their structure, credibility and utility for critical cloud engineering positions.

Firstly, to being with, go through FREE materials online, YouTube videosand blogs. There is endless information to cater to your thirsty mind.

Make sure you are doing the Labs while reading, otherwise, it’s worthless.

It’s not always win win to spend on new technologies. Online leaning, on the other hand, is always a safe pick.

Certification is a matter of demonstrating your skills and establishing your credibility.

Curious to know the pre-requisites to learn AWS?

You can be a better AWS Admin with very less or Zero Programming knowledge.

After all, that’s the reason why AWS was born!

To ensure that anyone can automate.

ARE YOU WONDERING HOW MUCH IT WOULD COST TO LEARN AWS( i.e. for Training and Software Access)?



Just kidding

The Training cost depends on the vendor, but I think it should not exceed 200$.

Among the five AWS Certification types currently available, there are threebasic ground level Associate exams, and two advanced level certifications categorized as Professional certifications.

Whereas the associate level exams don’t require a prior certification, the Professional-level exams require you to have passed an Associate-level certification exam first. While an Associate certification will mark you as a capable and experienced AWS professional, the Professional level exams mark you as an expert in the area and would give you an edge over others.

I am specifying the particulars of the five AWS Certifications available so that you can pick according to your need and convenience.

(1) AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam is designed for those with some experience in designing distributed applications. You are expected to have knowledge in the following domains- design of highly available and scalable systems, familiarity with AWS infrastructure and concepts, implementation and deployment in AWS, AWS related data security practices, disaster recovery techniques, and troubleshooting

Before you attempt the exam you should…

Know network technologies, especially how they work in AWS.

Know how AWS-based applications work, and how client interfaces, connect to the AWS platform.

Understand how to build secure and reliable applications on the AWS platform.

Be able to deploy hybrid systems – those that have some on-premise data center as well as AWS components.

(2) AWS Certified Developer – Associate

The AWS Certified Developer – Associate exam comprises developing and maintaining AWS-based applications. You really must know how to write actual code that uses AWS provided software to access AWS applications from within your custom business applications.

Before you attempt the exam you should…

a) Understand the basic AWS architecture and the core AWS services that make it different from the rest.

b) Have Hands-on experience designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining applications

c) Have practical knowledge of applications that utilize key AWS services such as AWS databases, workflow services, storage and change management services.

(3) AWS Certified Sysops Administrator – Associate

The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate exam is the only certification fully geared towards system administrators. That’s why passing this exam requires you to have technical expertise and conceptual knowledge of the operational aspects of the AWS platform.

AWS based systems are usually mission critical to an organization, so it’s advisable to have prior hands-on experience in provisioning, managing and securing systems. Say, some experience as a system administrator could be a good groundwork before jumping in to take your SysOps certification test.

Thorough knowledge of Deployment and operations is your way to ace the exam.

Before you attempt the exam you should…

a) Know deploying applications to the AWS platform

b) Know how to send and receive data between data centers and AWS

c) Know how to select the appropriate AWS services to meet an organization’s needs

(4) AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional

The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional. This exam focuses intensively on the two fundamental DevOps concepts of continuous delivery (CD) and automation of processes. It is all about provisioning, operating, and managing applications on the AWS platform.

Pre-requisites: You must have either the AWS Certified Developer or the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator certification in hand before you can attempt the DevOps Engineer certification exam.

A couple of years of experience in provisioning and managing AWS-based applications, as well as a reliable understanding of modern application development such as the agile development methodology.

Before you attempt the exam you should…

a) Know the basics of modern CD methodologies

b) Know implementing CD systems

c) Know Setting up monitoring and logging systems on AWS

d) Know how to implement highly available and scalable systems on the AWS platform

e) Know how to design and manage tools that enable the automation of production operations

(5) AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional. This certification is the most specialized of all certifications. A professional AWS architect is somebody who can evaluate an organization’s requirements and make architectural recommendations for implementing and deploying its applications on AWS. H/She should be aware of the best practices for architecting the designing of applications on the AWS platform.

Pre-requisites: You must first take the Associate level exam before attempting this certification exam.

Before you attempt the exam you should…

a) Have a high degree of technical skill and experience designing AWS-based applications.

b) Know how to migrate complex application systems over to AWS.

c) Know how to implement cost control strategies.

How can I get access to AWS Environment?

(1) Normal Access

(2) Client Access

As you would have guessed, it’s only for clients. If your company is a client of AWS please register with your corporate email id.

Where can I get AWS Training?

There are many vendors, but make sure you get Lab access before and after the sessions. Pesonally, if asked, I would say ASHA24 is doing a great job at keeping people informed and educating them on various technologies. There are thousands of blogs available on the platform for you.

What about AWS Jobs? Do we have the good opportunity?

AWS has been implemented in below locations

San Jose, Los Angeles, Detroit, Denver, Chicago, San Francisco, London, Toronto, Houston, Austin, Dallas, Orlando, Seattle, Washington, New York, India,( Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Mumbai, Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon) Singapore, Melbourne, Dubai.

You can easily find a job in case you reside in any of these locations.

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Answered on June 12, 2019.
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