What happens when you drink water on an empty stomach?

What happens when you drink water on an empty stomach?

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When you drink water on empty stomach it lands up in large intestines.

Large intestines absorb Water and vitamins only. Large intestines absorb water for removal of metabolic waste. Vitamins also help in removal of metabolic waste.

Drinking excessive water on empty stomach causes increase in cellular fluid resulting in reduced mineral concentration in cells. That causes low metabolic rate. Low metabolic rate is cause of aging, diabetes, BP, heart diseases, stroke and cancer.

When one has back pain and his total water intake is low, that is indication of accumulation of metabolic waste. In such a situation drinking water on empty stomach will result in weight loss and relief from back pain.

But increase in cellular fluids will result in low metabolic rate resulting and weight gain. Decrease in metabolic rate will result in sciatica pain, migraine, constipation, migraine etc.

There is no need for cleaning stomach etc. There is enough gas to push the food and enough churning while eating in stomach to keep it clean. The concept of cleaning on empty stomach is without any logic. When we drink water on empty stomach there will be no stomach acid. In the absence of stomach acids the water with cause least scrub like action against stomach or small intestines.

Water on empty stomach will result in causing more thirst. Any increase in cellular fluids result in increase in thirst levels.

Read my answers on diabetes and BP to understand the above concept of increased thirst etc.

Answered on July 12, 2019.
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Condition of your body upon waking up

• The energy level of your body gets depleted after fasting for more than 8 hours.
• Body becomes dehydrated due to which the throat and the food canal get parched.
• There is very little saliva in your mouth.
• Your kidneys have been working throughout the night to process the waste products and toxins of your body.
• Your bowels would get dried up from lack of water.


Benefits of having water on empty stomach

1. Improves bowel movement
Drinking water on empty stomach helps in flushing the bowels and thus clearing away wastes from the body. It also improves bowel movement and prevents constipation.

2. Releases toxins via urination

Water keeps the kidneys healthy and releases toxins through urination. The kidneys remove waste products from the blood and eliminate toxic substances in the urine. Daily water intake is essential for our bodies to function efficiently.

3. Increases appetite
Water helps in the process of digestion. Drinking a glass of water on empty stomach every morning increases appetite.

4. Cleanses the colon
Water on an empty stomach cleanses the accumulated materials in the colon thereby cleansing it. This increases the efficiency of the intestine in absorbing nutrients.

5. Helps in losing weight
Drinking water on an empty stomach helps in detoxification, reduces bloating and burns calories more rapidly. It thus helps in losing weight.

Other health benefits of drinking water

1. Accelerates the rate of metabolism
Water improves the digestive process by helping in the breakdown of food particles thus boosting the rate of metabolism.

2. Takes care of your heart
Drinking water reduces the probability of a fatal heart attack. The people who drink sufficient amount of water are less vulnerable than those who don’t drink enough water. Water prevents the blood from clotting because it tends to dilute it.

3. Boosts brain power
The human brain is approximately 85% water and thus water is essential for proper functioning of the brain, specially for the thought and memory process.

4. Prevents headaches and bad breath
Dehydration is one of the causes for headache. Drinking water helps prevent dehydration thus keeping headaches at bay. It also prevents bad breath and other oral bacterial infections.

5. Keeps the skin healthy
Water keeps the skin hydrated and healthy. It also prevents premature ageing to a large extent. Without adequate intake of water, skin looks duller with wrinkles and pores appearing more prominent.

6. Promotes normal sweating
Sweating is the body’s way of releasing excess heat which helps in regulation of the body temperature. If sufficient water is not taken, the body may suffer from dehydration.

The medical staff and doctors of Naturoveda Health World not only stress on the importance of having water on empty stomach but also through the entire day. This would take care of the entire wellbeing of the body.

Answered on July 12, 2019.
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