What do we need to know for the UPSC exam

What do we need to know for the UPSC exam?

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It is desirable but not essential means if you can remember name of the countries (Capital not so important ) ,so you go for it.But if you are not and you are trying to maximise your cost benefit ration then you have to read only Countries in the Asia Continent because India comes in this continent and you can remember their name by thier location only.You can not use rote learning for this,because it will not work and you will read their names from time to time.So you have to read the names and at the same time locate on them on the Atlas so you better their connection with India.Location of countries are of immense importancs in UPSC because you can’t understand a concept without seeing their location.For ex, if you are reading about two state solution(Israel-Palestine Issue),Issue of South China sea,U.S-Vanezuela relation,strstegic location of Afghanistan(Afghanistan have nothing but its geogrsphical location is important that U.S,India,Iran,Tajikistan,Pakidtan are making their relations good it),you will not be read them and ultimately you can’t remember it in your long term memory.So whenever you are reading the name or encountering the nsme in current affairs then locate them in Atlas,you will be able to remember them better.

Good luck!

Answered on October 9, 2019.
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