What are the pros and cons of using Amazon Web Services

What are the pros and cons of using Amazon Web Services?

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Yeah, I guess I have some points to add to the aforementioned. Based on my experience with IT Svit I’d also underline such pros and cons of AWS:

The advantages of AWS

– all of the services have APIs, which allow the DevOps engineers follow the IaC principles and use Terraform to design and deploy immutable IT infrastructure for the customers

– most of the services have SLAs, which is a huge benefit for startups, as they can greatly cut their support costs

– a huge variety of tools is built specifically to work with AWS and have detailed manuals on doing so.

The disadvantages

– Despite its emphasis on cost-efficiency, AWS is actually pretty expensive as compared to GCP or Azure. At some point in their growth the companies understand that building and maintaining their own on-prem cloud would be a less expensive choice than to continue paying for ever-growing AWS bills.

– The platform has a quite steep learning curve and mastering all the required services on your own is hardly possible. For example, to build a truly resilient, secure and fail-safe IT infrastructure the company would have to figure out the use of routing and IAM politics – or hire an AWS-certified partner to configure the thing for them.

– Amazon APIs are numerous, yes, but they are far from perfect. For example, AWS does not provide SES in the Asian region, but their API allows the user to issue a SES resource creation request, which will be active until cancellation due to request time-out.

What is Amazon Web Services?

AWS a secure cloud service platform which the database storage, content delivery and many more functionalities which helps the businesses around the world.

AWS have more than 1 million customers which includes Johnson & Johnson, soundcloud, UBISOFT.

Watch this AV about AWS: https://youtu.be/jOhbTAU4OPI


· Easy to use

· Flexible

· Cost-Effective

· Reliable

· Scalable

· High Performance

· Secure


· It does not include enterprise grade support by default

· Experienced High Profile outages in recent history

· Billing is intensely confusing

· It doesn’t have control over environment

· More complex all patters

Answered on June 12, 2019.
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