What are some fun stories about AIIMS?

What are some fun stories about AIIMS?

Asked on July 11, 2019 in Others.
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  1. The residents at AIIMS are like bahubali, they can see 150 patients in OPD in 6 hours.
  2. The casualty is a living textbook of Robbins and Harrison
  3. Faculty comes in early and leaves late. Don’t be surprised to see them in their office late at night working on a research project.
  4. The CMO has this magical power of emptying the casualty every morning. If your patient is missing then most likely he or she is at Safdurjung hospital.
  5. The xerox shop, book shop and thesis shop owners probably make more money than some top doctors.
  6. The hostel tailor has three houses in safdurjung enclave and his kids are well settled abroad but he still comes to work because he doesn’t want to sit idle.
  7. By the time you get married accommodation in AV Nagar your PG course is about to finish.
  8. Don’t be surprised to find engineers and accountants in AV Nagar as few smart docs sublet their houses and one of the reason why you don’t get a house for a long time.
  9. Forget your deposit if you rent a house in gautam nagar, you will never get it back.
  10. The auto driver outside the AIIMS gate will not charge you less because you are an AIIMS doctor.
  11. The metal sculpture at the AIIMS flyover represents the testicles of the hard working residents.
  12. If you don’t come early you won’t find a place to park your car.
  13. Don’t leave your purse in the swimming pool locker room, it will definitely get stolen. I lost 700 rupees.
  14. The pathology HOD comes in his vintage scooter and parks it at the main entrance.
  15. Multiple departments treat same disease, for example pediatric leukemia is treated by Department of Medical Oncology or hematology or pediatrics, but still there is more than enough work load.
  16. Renal transplant is done by General Surgery and not Urology.
  17. Getting your work done at the academic section is like n+infinity.
  18. There are places in AIIMS you never knew that they existed until you go for your no objection certificate signature.
  19. You may be an AIIMS student but for the common man you are still a doctor in ‘MEDICAL ‘. MEDICAL is the generic term used by auto and bus wallas in Delhi for AIIMS. When I first arrived at New Delhi railway station and wanted to hire an auto to reach AIIMS and told the driver to go to AIIMS he gave me a blank look, then after telling him about this big hospital where patients from all state go he understood where I wanted to go. He said “usko MEDICAL bolte hain, yeh AIIMS kahan say naya nam de diya”, translated “it is called Medical when did they give a new name AIIMS”. It is no way a reflection of public’s perception of how hard AIIMS doctors work. I can vouch for that after working as a resident in AIIMS for 4 years.
  20. You see many doctors frequently over the years in the mess, corridors, lift, casualty and lecture halls and sometimes exchange a smile also but never get to know their name or department.
  21. Two langoors or big monkeys were employed to chase away the small monkeys. One of my colleagues stethoscope was taken away by a monkey, her desperate attempts to tempt the monkey with food in exchange of the stethoscope was futile. Another friend living in the hostel found a monkey sleeping next to him when he woke up in the morning, he thought it was a pillow and tried to hug it in his sleep and got a shock when the pillow turned out to be a monkey.
  22. Somehow many patients in the OPD were relatives of the hospital staff. Never seen relationships being formed at such a short notice.
  23. A very dedicated and hardworking Professor of mine whose OPD use to run from morning 9 am to sometimes night 11 pm used to bring 5 almonds in a box as lunch. He would open the box and then offer them to share it with the residents. We would politely decline but one day a new resident ate all the 5 almonds, he was so swift that we couldn’t stop him, probably he was very hungry, the professor missed his lunch that day.
  24. During RDA (Resident doctor association) nite you can see various versions of the nagin (female cobra) dance.

Things may have changed as I left AIIMS 7 years back. But those were the best days of my life.

Answered on July 12, 2019.
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  • They can check your knee without even looking and will spare only 3 minutes on your case, for which you were waiting in line for your token, then you number outside doctor’s bench for 5–6 hours.
  • They will not listen to how you fell, (it is important to know the way and what is the current situation), they will all say “Bend your knee”, on every 3 months visit and not care to understand, why it is taking so long to get bending angle of 1–2 degree.
  • For me, this is the “Fun Story of AIIMS”. AIIMS made me realize, if I am not a VIP, If I do not have links to skip the lines, I will get my case messed up more.

Every time, I used to see people in Delhi Metro, early riding around 6 AM metro, with AIIMS bags, reports in one hand, I used to feel sorry, what they will have to endure, even after being sick.

I lost faith in AIIMS, and felt doctors are money making machine, but “Mathew Varghese” changed everything. He is the living God for me. I wish there are more people and doctors like him.

Answered on July 12, 2019.
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