Is UPSC not for the average people

Is UPSC not for the average people?

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After preparing for 2–3 years for this exam,struggling and enjoying the journey,I will answer this question as honestly as possible.I am an average 23 year old guy who has done just a BSC,with no big institute tag,no previous successes in big exams or no job experience,no known person even remotely in civil services’field,so I think I can answer this question nicely.

Trust me on one thing. Average,but honestly hardworking people clear UPSC and not geniuses.UPSC is a great leveller .It gives equal chance to candidates from all sorts of background,economic status,IQ.

Hardwork often beats talent if the talent does not work hard.”This applies to UPSC too.

Why I say that average people crack UPSC and not geniuses because in other exams like IIT JEE , CAT etc,you need a specific set of skills,interest and inclination.But for Civil services,a generalist is required who is –

1.hardworking and consistent to wake up daily,pull yourself up and give your best effort sincerely….DAILY.

Don’t practice it until you can make it right, but practice it until you cant make it wrong. This is what is required.

2.Honest and sincere. Only you can judge and assess your preparation level.Please listen to your conscience and be honest.Even if not clearing this exam,you will be a happy and contented human being.

3.Courageous and self confident This exam will present lots of hurdles,fears,insecurities.Arduous and tiring exam cycle of 1 year will need best version of you to face it.People will leave you when you dont clear this exam in two attempts be it friends, girlfriend/boyfriend or acquaintances. You will be on your own. Take your responsibility and don’t worry about such people. They were not your well wishers. Focus on your life, make it best success story.

4.Patience Its said that “most of people who give up,don’t realise that how close they were to success”.So,this exam will test your perseverance to extreme.You might fail straight away in four attempts and get an under 50 rank in next attempt. Just hold your ground.Wait for your opportunity .It will surely come. Grab it with both hands and strike at your hardest, then. Don’t let that chance slip. That’s how you’ll achieve success.

5.Humble You cannot be adamant that your method is fool proof and you won’t change. Be humble and accept your mistakes. Constantly update and innovate yourself to stay one step ahead of UPSC. Be in attack mode than being defensive. Be courageous and take risks. You will go closer to your success.

6.Your first attempt must be your best prepared attempt……I cant emphasize its importance enough. Otherwise,you will get trapped in brutal exam cycle of UPSC. Please understand the exam process,exam requirements thoroughly. Though I achieved success in second attempt, but my first attempt was the one where I put in my heart and soul to this exam. Hard work never goes in vain and I got its rewards in my second attempt.

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7.You only have to be answerable to yourself and prove yourself.When I was down and out, I said this to myself

This boosted me up that I cannot fail. I have many promises to keep to myself. I pushed myself that extra mile. Remembering my hard work and journey still brings tears sometimes that finally I made it. Now, the real work of service begins.

8.Go out of your comfort zone and mould yourself efficiently for this exam. Just remember that you only have to slog for some years. Don’t just keep strengthening your strong points at cost of neglecting your weak areas. Rather, start with your weak areas first. Don’t crib that my English is weak or I am bad at economics. Rather, be a doer. Remove your deficiencies……..with priority. Become an invincible force.

At last, I will just narrate a small anecdote from my life .While I was in college doing BSC,my one professor asked me “What you want to do after BSC” ? I replied “I will crack UPSC Civil services exam” .He was surprised by my confidence.He gave a sarcastic smile and said “Beta,there is cut throat competition,in UPSC, among IITians,IIM passouts,higher studies students,people with lots of job experiences.How will you,being just a BSC graduate crack it.You will lag behind”.

I replied “Sir,I promise to clear it with under 100 rank and prove you wrong and break your this notion for ever .”I took his blessings.After clearing the exam with AIR 42,I remembered that professor and had a broad smile on my face.Remembering that moment still gives me goosebumps.I won my internal battle.

Best of luck!!

Answered on October 9, 2019.
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