Is IAS really very tough to crack

Is IAS really very tough to crack?

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I am not preparing for UPSC exams, not now but just never.

I am answering that question because I have known people who have cleared it. And believe me, they were nothing different from us.

They just had strong determination and perseverance. They dreamt of it, worked really hard for it, and achieved it.

My father qualified for pre and mains but got rejected in interview thrice; he gave up, because he was already earning good sum of money as a Physics lecturer. And he thought he was better off it.

One of his first cousins, of same age also failed to clear the interview for the third time, along with him.But, he did not give up and next year he cleared the IES exam. Let me inform you, this uncle of mine has never really got more than 55% in all his academic life.

It’s in your mind, you lose or win, before you actually go for the war!!!

So, be a strong willed person and have loads of determination. Not just UPSC, you will come out as winner in every sphere of life.

Answered on October 9, 2019.
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