How does Amazon Web Services (AWS) work

How does Amazon Web Services (AWS) work?

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is simply a family of cloud-computing applications that allows users to rent out Amazon’s servers instead of buying their own.

Many companies that run big websites or apps let Amazon’s cloud-computing platforms handle their data and computation for three main reasons.

  1. Renting servers with Amazon Web Services helps them save time since Amazon will take care of the servers’ security, upgrades, and other maintenance issues. Because Amazon Web Services has many active users, it is also able to achieve great economics of scale, driving the cost of a single server down. So, users pay less when renting servers with Amazon than when they purchase their own servers.
  2. AWS has advanced security features and a great number of online security experts on staff that keep the stored data on their platforms highly secure. Home DepotSony, and Target bought their own servers instead of using Amazon Web Services, and, as we know, their servers were broken in by hackers.
  3. AWS is also highly reliable. It keeps multiple copies of app and data at several independent data centers around the world, so your information will still be safe even if a natural disaster strikes one of the data centers.

Overall, Amazon Web Services makes running applications and storing large amount of data easier, faster, and cheaper. This is why they are able to control 34% market share of the total cloud computing services space (as of 2017), more than that of its competitors (Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud).

Answered on June 12, 2019.
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