Facts about Indian railway?

List of Interesting Facts about indian railway

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Indian Railways which is known to carry 23 millions passenger Daily is itself an amazing thing , But some of the interesting Facts about Indian Railways are :-

  1. All of us knows that 1st Passenger train is being started in 16 April 1853 from Bombay to Thane but some claims that 1st Train was ran between Red Hills to Chintadipet Bridge in Madras in 1837 known as Red hills Railways. It was hauled by a rotary steam engine locomotive manufactured by William Avery. but…

A book found in IIT Roorkee library states the 1st Indian train had run between Roorkee & Piran Kaliyar on December 22, 1851. Contrary to what other sources say including, Wikipedia!

it was primarily used for transporting granite stones for road building work in Madras.

2. The first passenger train ran between Bombay to Thane on 16 April 1853. The 14-carriage train was hauled by three steam locomotives: Sahib, Sindh, and Sultan.

It ran for about 34 kilometers between these two cities, and carried around 400 people. It is built by Great Indian Peninsular Railways.

2. The trains got toilets after Indian Railways completed about 50 years!

Back then, passengers had to wait till the next station to answer the call of nature!

Thank Okhil Chandra for making Indian Railways do the needful. He wrote the following letter to Indian Railways and finally, there were toilets in 1909!

It is on display at the Railway Museum in New Delhi. It was also reproduced under the caption Travellers Tales in the Far Eastern Economic Review.

Any guesses why this letter is of Historic Value?

It led to the introduction of TOILETS in Indian Trains

3. Back in the old days, elephants were used to position the cartridges

4. The station with the longest name is Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta

And it’s sometimes spelled with ‘Sri’ prefixed. Quite a mouthful.

5. Most unreliable train in Indian Railways is Guwahati-Trivandrum Express

It is late on an average by ten to twelve hours. Gosh!

6. Indian Railways is among the largest rail networks in the world, operated by the Indian government ‘alone’!

7. The longest tunnel in the country is 11.215 kilometers long!

It is the Pir Panjal Railway tunnel in Jammu and Kashmir.

8. Before installing Automatic Point System was installed, hundreds of guards lost their hands and fingers trying to fix it manually. Every time a train got delayed and we complained, an Indian Railways employee probably lost his limbs for us.

9. The total daily distance covered by the 14,300 trains on the Indian Railways equals three & half times the distance to moon!

10. The world’s 9th largest employer- People employed in the Indian Railways are about 1.4 million.

11. The first Underground Railway is the Calcutta Metro

12. Lucknow is the Busiest Railway Station with 64 trains running, everyday.

13. Gorakhpur station is 1366m in length making itself the Longest Railway Platform in the world.

14. Fairy Queen is the oldest preserved locomotive in the world, functional since 1855. It has made its way into the Guinness World Records and won the Heritage Award at the International Tourist Bureau in Berlin.

15. You will never want to travel in Howrah-Amritsar Express as it has the maximum number of halts- 115! So make sure you sleep in the train as much as you can or skip travelling in it.

16. Diamond crossing in Nagpur is one of a kind, trains go East, West, North and South form here.

17. The first railroad was actually constructed by two Indians – Jaganath Shunkerseth and Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy; not the British.

18. Indian Railways is in the process of building the new highest rail bridge across the river Chenab between Bakkal and Kauri in the Kashmir Railway route. This bride is 359 m (1,178 ft) above river bed and will be the highest arch bridge in the world.

19. Why we find it easy to sleep on trains? Coaches are designed to bring the resonance frequencies of the suspension as close as possible to 72 bpm or 1.2 Hz. Why? It’s the frequency that the human body is most comfortable with i.e., the normal heartbeat!

20. Loco-pilots or train drivers get paid more than many senior officers in Railways. A typical Rajdhani driver has a monthly salary of almost 1 lac.

21. The New Delhi railway station has taken a place in the Guinness Book of Records for the world’s largest route relay interlocking system to help divert train movements during periods of high traffic and volumes.

22. The railway station of Navapur is built in two states; half in Maharashtra and the rest is in Gujarat

23. Indian Railways has a mascot – Bholu, the Guard Elephant

24 Indian Railways carry more than 25 million passengers every day, more than the entire population of Australia.

25. Palace on Wheels : Indians were not allowed to board the Palace on Wheels luxury train for quite a while when it was launched on Republic Day of 1982.

If some Facts are being skipped then please tell in comments


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